Our company values are at the heart
of everything we do

Shedders are as passionate about the culture they work in as they are about the tech itself. Learning, fun and driving value is at the heart of everything we do. Our number one rule is Being Excellent to Each Other – because who wants to be miserable at work?

Always Seek Value

Why am I doing this? What value am I driving? Simple questions that are easy to forget when you’re busy. If what you’re doing doesn’t drive value for a client, the Shed or yourself it’s probably fair to say there’s a better use of your time!

Know Your Audience

We’ve all been bamboozled by over complicated nonsense in meetings before. This is not the Shed way. We seek to understand our audience and pitch our content at the right level so we all understand what’s being said. This is the way to consensus and assurance!

Share Knowledge

Sharing knowledge helps everyone; if you’re in a silo you can’t help anyone or be helped. We get to play and work with some amazing tech (and if you’re not technical, you get to learn why it’s amazing); when we share that knowledge, we all improve.

Treat People Right

It’s more than just ‘treat people as you want to be treated’, how do they want to be treated? Know your fellow Shedders; collaborate with and support them and The Shed to continuously improve. Make the Shed a great place to be!

Take Care of the Fundamentals

Get the basics right & check your work. Test it, proof-read it; help each other to get it right. When the foundations are rock solid you can build anything. Remember: make it right; then make it fast. And take care of the coffee machine.

Meet some of the team

We’re a lovely bunch of geeks, honest. From developers to strategists, we’re all passionate about what we do. Dedicated to helping you get the right data to the right people in your organisation. Want to meet some of the brains at The Data Shed?

Bevan Swanson
Data Engineer
Reema Vadoliya
Analytics Lead & Data Engineer
Dan Fearn
Engineering Manager
Andy Sockett
Test Engineer
Gail Coram
Project Manager
James Smith
Principal Engineer

Founders Story

Once upon a time, a long time ago, Ed and Anna worked together in a team that combined data, analytics and marketing skills to drive value for a company and its customers. When Anna moved on to pastures new and realised how other businesses were struggling to put trustworthy analytics in the hands of key decision makers (and ranted about it at length to Ed) it seemed a perfect opportunity to do something a bit different.

And so, the Shed story began. Working first from home offices and then from the ShedQuarters on Mabgate, Ed and Anna combined tech, marketing and commercial skills with a dose of common sense and pragmatism to create “value first” data solutions that meet the needs of the client.

Since 2013 we’ve come a long way. We still love data though, almost as much as we hate “smoke and mirrors” (unless it’s an 80s power ballad video) and we’re proud of the projects we’ve delivered to our clients – more on those here. We’ve now got a support team who look after clients 24/7 and our own software that supports our goal of making trustworthy data insight accessible to all, no matter the size of your budget or your technical prowess.

We’re still the same though, make it clever, keep it simple and focus on the value. We’re Yorkshire folk after all…

We Love Data

Want to know more?

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