An MOT for your Server

Servers and environments often tick over in the background and, while vital to your business, can fly under the radar until a major issue impacts business performance.

Our SQL heath check is a lightweight application which we run against your SQL server production environments that gathers diagnostic information around the health of your servers to ensure everything is running as expected. Typically this includes information around:

  • Database backups
  • Memory statistics
  • Query performance
  • Disk statistics
  • SQL server error logs
  • Advance settings
  • SQL Agent Jobs
  • Microsoft best practices
  • Corruption
  • Indexes

How it works: We run the application against all of your production servers. Once all the diagnostic data has been collated, we then analyse it and create what we call a ‘risk profile’. This gives you an indication of where the potential risks are on your environments which could cause P1 issues in the future. We’ll also create an overview of your environments and will provide you with a list of recommendations to reduce your risk profile – we can even help you implement these if you want, or provide you with detailed instructions to manage in house.



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Understand key risks to your environment.

Diagram detailing the overview of environments.

Recommendations to reduce your risk profile.

Understand your current configuration.

Plan to mitigate risks in production environments.

Be prepared for potential outages.

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