Our expert team will work with you to benchmark your analytical maturity and help you construct a development roadmap. Prioritise your data projects to drive the best possible return on investment.

Analytical solutions need to progress through three key stages to have optimal impact on the businesses they support.

Make it right: Data quality underpins insight, so building trust in the answers is critical to adoption across the business.

Make it fast: Insight can only be useful if you have the time to react. If your daily reporting takes longer than half an hour to produce, then it’s time to fix it.

“If your daily reporting takes longer than half an hour to produce, then it’s time to fix it!”

Make it clever: Analysis should always be focused on the business strategy. The analytics team should have the insight to challenge the activities in the value chain to optimise margin.

We provide a guided workshop for your specific requirements, benchmarking the businesses data maturity and outlining a roadmap for improvement. The session is provided to your senior management team for free* and hosted from our ShedQuarters in Leeds.

How we do it: We work through a scorecard of measurements to determine how your business is currently implementing its Data Strategy and review your analytical maturity and what business value your data is currently providing. From here we create an action plan which can inform your next set of improvement plans; whether you’re a beginner looking to get immediate value from your data or already ahead of the curve and looking to understand the advantages of AI and machine learning, we can help steer you in the right direction.

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Workshop style session with senior stakeholders to understand your business’ data maturity.

Documented value chain and data sources with an action plan to take away.

Completed scorecard to expose and understand where effort & expenditure should be focused.

Free consultation to kick start your Data Strategy*

Benchmark your data maturity and discuss improvement plans with our expert data team

Understand and focus on key areas of improvement which can drive real business value.

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