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Our Consultancy Services

BIG BIG data. Combined in the right way, your operational data can give you critical insights into what is happening across your business. Spot problems as (or even before) they happen so you can rectify them quickly. Identify bottle necks and areas for improvement. Get real time insights to the people who need them – your team.

We’ve been building single-customer views for years. Our matching beats everything we’ve tested it against time and again, so if you’re looking for an accurate, real-time, complete view of your customer data, you’ve found the right place. (Pssst, we’ve also got a product that lets you do it yourself!)

Once your data is all sorted, what are you going to do with it to drive business value? Automated models, machine learning, AI or just really useful dashboard insights – anything is possible with our team of data science bods. We LOVE solving problems so even if you don’t know where to start we’ll get stuck in to identify some key value driving areas.

Let us loose on your systems! Starting with discovery we can help you identify how you can optimise your systems across the entire value chain. Then we’ll design and build whatever you need based on your data architecture. We’re always focused on maximising long-term ROI so you can be sure that your budget is well invested.

There’s lots of ways to test us with some mini projects:

So how do we do it?

  • Full system development

    We do align ourselves closely with several full system development lifecycles to ensure best practice throughout our project deliveries. This includes using Government Digital Service (GDS) service manual standards, Agile and Waterfall methodologies and an internal squad-based approach to creating and resources teams.

  • Agile

    Agile is one of those terms which can mean many things to many people. When we say “Agile”, we mean our squad are experienced with agile delivery, including SCRUM and Kanban. Specialist SCRUM Masters play a key role within all our squads to ensure agile processes are followed correctly and demonstrate continuous improvement.

  • Delivery squads

    The Data Shed’s delivery squads are formed of a core engineering team, consisting of a number of specialist resources to ensure rapid deployment of the platform, whilst paying particular attention to security, quality and data protection requirements inherent in building any Client solution.


We also focus on what makes a good engineer, and promote the following approaches in our data strategy development:

  • Get stuff done properly, first time around
  • Make it right and only then make it fast
  • Spend as much time thinking about tests and security as writing code
  • Work with a team of like-minded high-calibre engineers to translate user requirements into working code
  • Mentoring and assisting in the progress of others
  • Lead definition and maintenance of best practice standards in development, design principles and process
  • Have excellent teamwork, leadership and communication skills
  • Fail fast/celebrate mistakes!

Our multidisciplinary squads have broad technical experience across a wide range of platforms including AWS, Azure and best of breed on premise solutions. They have skills in different technical languages and frameworks which allows them to bring different perspectives when solving complex problems. Each squad’s technical breath is always augmented through specialist technical team members with a depth of experience in security, architecture, data science, analytics and delivery. A typical squad contains the following technical competencies:


The Data Shed’s Operations team work side by side with the delivery squads to ensure everyone understands how the components we build work together. This helps transfer knowledge through the support tiers to better assess data, meaning our Clients get better data quality and value for money by having experienced Support Analysts and Data Experts working to fulfil their service requests and resolve their incidents. We work around the clock to identify, log and fix problems for our Clients ensuring this structure is underpinned by a monitoring and alerting framework that helps identify potential problems before they happen.

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