Financial Services & Insurance

In the last ten years, we’ve worked with a range of clients delivering marketing leading projects in the financial services sector. Our Shedders have worked in a variety of organisations, including Barclays, Provident Financial Group, Lloyds Banking Group, Skipton Building Society, and more.

We prioritise helping our clients unlock the value in the data they hold through a combination of tried and tested approaches as well as cutting edge technology in machine learning, architecture, and platforms.

Our expertise and experience are provided in three key areas to unlock that value:

  • Consult &


    We consult and advise, helping businesses align their data strategy with their overall business strategies.

  • Create &


    We create and deliver new business platforms, systems architectures, and data governance programmes, as well as provide expertise to expand your internal teams.

  • Manage &


    We help you manage and maintain your data systems and architecture to ensure the most efficient return on investment.

Popular Solutions

  • API Gateway


    Cloud Migration

    On-premises legacy systems are often costly and limit the speed at which an organisation can access data and scale growth. We can decommission these old systems, saving costs, removing bottlenecks, and enabling significant throughput increases.

  • AWS Lambda


    Unified Data

    Disparate legacy systems make it difficult to consolidate data and provide meaningful insight. We can unify data across multiple organisations and data sets, ensuring faster decision making with access to real-time data, the ability to scale, and easily deploy innovations.


    Machine Learning

    We can provide proactive algorithm development and machine learning services to automatically prevent fraudulent transactions from happening. This can significantly save costs and lead to increased customer satisfaction and retention.

What our clients are saying about us

“When we needed to quickly build a fully adaptive website from scratch, with multi-bureaux links and full integration into a bespoke lending platform, Ed and the Data Shed team immediately came to mind. After a great working session, it was clear that this was something that they could not only deliver for us, but that they could also significantly improve upon my basic idea to create something much more robust and future proof. The Data Shed took a real interest in our business. They offered numerous ideas of how we could improve things and were a very useful sounding board for a whole range of problems – not just IT related.”

Jono Gillespie, CEO at Non-Standard Finance


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